Producing the best Dubia Roaches for Sale

When it comes to making a decision regarding why you should breed Dubia roaches for sale you can start by making a comparison with Orange Headed and Discoid roaches. Dubia roaches are slower moving than the other two species, as well as usually being smaller in size. This makes them a roach species that is recognized as a significant feeder source.


Another factor involved in choosing Dubia roaches for sale is that they possess the softer exoskeleton. This serves as an exceptional food basis for small lizards and arachnids, although the adults of this species do not carry as much meat as the other roach types.

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Males and female competition


The adult males of the Dubia roach species have full wings, while the females only have small winged stubs, making identification easy. On the establishment of a Dubia roaches for sale colony, a recommendation is that any additional males are utilized as feeders, with a percentage remaining of one male to three female roaches. During the maturity of the colony, any excess male use valuable food and space, as well as creating further competition with females for available resources.


If you are concerned about your Dubia roaches for sale escaping from their enclosure, keep in mind that this is a roach species that does not have the capability to climb on glass or a smooth plastic. They are regarded as having extraordinarily poor all round climbing abilities.
Home for roaches
When considering an enclosure for your Dubia roaches for sale you could look at an aquarium or a small animal plastic cage, a plastic type of bin or a garbage can. As the roaches like hiding places, include in your enclosure some cardboard egg flats. If they are stacked vertically, any debris falls to the floor of the enclosure.
Although some breeders prefer using a substrate for bedding, like bran, this increases the problem of keeping the enclosure in a clean condition. In addition, it creates greater difficulty for the very young roaches when they leave their bedding hiding places. The enclosures of the Dubia roaches for sale do not produce an odor and are easily maintained and cleaned, by sweeping or scooping the floor of the enclosure, every few months.
Always feed your Dubia roaches for sale with high protein foods, such as dry cat foods and breakfast or baby cereals and fish flakes, among others.

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About Dubia Roaches and Their Advantages

There are many and varied advantages associated with Dubia roaches that contribute to their popularity as sources of food for various reptiles. For any potential breeder of dubia roaches for sale, they are initially more expensive than other insects generally used for feeding purposes. However, when their colony has been established, the roaches need less care than worms or crickets.

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A “Blaptica Dubia” roach is also known as the Guyana spotted roach, the orange spotted roach, or an Argentine roach, all of which are a species native to various parts of South and Central America. Their natural habitat consists of leaf residue, soil and some branches, with a substrate that needs to be moist, but not wet, such as conditions that offer high mist content.

If this was a duplicated environment it would enable natural behavior in the breeding of dubia roaches for sale and would seem to be the ideal situation. For practical breeding purposes however, these conditions can create certain difficulties:

  • It is not easy finding the roaches
  • Their numbers are difficult to monitor
  • A high degree of pest/mites presence
  • Problematic environment cleaning
  • Rotting foods caused by the moisture content.

This environment for breeding dubia roaches for sale is further countered by the fact that roaches are satisfied by eating a broad range of food. It makes the feeding of them less expensive, as most of the food is available from supermarkets and includes; fresh foods such as, slices of apple, carrot, orange, potato and leaf greens. This is supplemented with dried pellets which should be 30% protein, for the highest productivity from your colony.

Their enclosure is best left with an open floor area, with only dried pellets on it. It is advisable for all fresh foods to be given on top of an egg crate, as this will prevent a rise in humidity. This food guide is directed towards dubia roaches for sale and based on maintaining health and cleanliness, as in the case of most alternative foods, they have a tendency to become mushy and attract flies.

Dubia roaches environmental preferences are:

  • A temperature of 25oC to 30oC
  • Moisture, which can be gained completely from their diet
  • Humidity, as an aid to shedding and reduction of dehydration. However, it is necessary to be aware of bacteria, mites and mould.
  • Small and dark concealment areas to hide under/in/on/.

Your dubia roaches for sale will provide an exceptional source of protein source for amphibians, reptiles, arachnid’s insectivorous mammals, among others.


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We Have Dubia Roaches for Sale for Your Bearded Dragon!

If you are considering becoming the wonderful owner of a Bearded Monster, then the first thing is to make sure it’s in a healthy condition when you buy it and thereafter, you will want to keep it that way. Like any other residing living thing, what you put into it decides how healthy it is going to stay and the right bearded dragon meal is an important part of your pet’s lifestyle! We have Dubia roaches for sale that will help you keep your new dragon fat and happy :)

You will find out that a very mature dragon is simpler to take care of and is less delicate than the young of the varieties. Moreover, their hunger will consist of favoring vegetables over insects, compared with the young “beardie”, who will eat more insects. Offering the right bearded dragon meals will not only help enhance its life expectancy, but also enhance the detail of their shade and enhance their feelings.

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A tip to keep in mind when providing your Bearded Dragon the Dubia roaches we have for sale is to make sure that the meals is not broader than the gap between its two eyes. Should a veggie or pest be broader than this gap, there is a chance of them choking or retaining damage. Therefore, make sure that any fruits or vegetables are cut small enough and insects are not too huge, before providing your dragon.

Being omnivores, your Bearded Monster will have a desire for vegetables and insects, with their diet plan plan reliant on age. A younger dragon will usually eat in the area of 80% insects and the rest in vegetables, whereas the opposite will apply to the mature dragons.

Bearded Dragons are like little mythical beasts, and they develop quickly and this means that they need to eat more insects than vegetables or fruits. It is stated by some owners that the young dragons don’t like consuming their vegetables! Therefore, a fix for your issue is to keep vegetables in the crate during day time when they are conscious next to bugs you can get from us, since we have Dubia roaches for sale.

Ideally, your bearded dragon meals system should consist of giving them as many small roaches as possible, during a interval of 10 to 15 moments, 3 times every day. Once that time frame has passed eliminate any uneaten raoches from the crate. It is approximated that on regular your dragon will eat crickets or other insects at the amount of 20 to 60 each day.

Your mature dragons eat a lesser amount of insects than the young dragons and while this creates them less interesting to look at, it is less expensive! Be cautious about over-feeding a mature Bearded Monster, as it can quickly obtain too much weight or become harmful.

A Bearded Monster will usually eat almost any kind of pest that is in perspective. Therefore, you have a liability to make sure that what they do eat is secure and healthy. Do not use any insects you find around your house or that you buy at a lure store to seafood with as bearded dragon meals. . This is because these insects may bring harmful bacteria and pesticide, which can be deadly to your dragon.

Use only feeder roaches that you know are for your lizard, like the Dubia roaches that we have for sale here.